Summary of outcomes

Assignment 2 I have continued my research through reading books recommended by my Tutors.  I am working through the essential reading list included in the Level 3 course.  My reading speed and understanding of complex texts and vocabulary has improved. I understand the significance of Art History in the development of painting after World War... Continue Reading →

Second Project Plan

As part of my research, I have read a book by Peter Wohlleben ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ which is about what they feel, how they communicate by using the secret world underground created by their roots and with the help of fungi. They also create toxic chemicals to keep predators at bay. Fig. 1... Continue Reading →

Three case studies

Fiona Rae (b. 1963) is part of the group called YBA and an elected member of the RA and was the youngest at the time.  Fiona finds working with paint and painting keeps her constantly interested and intrigued.  She says ‘There are lots of things you can do with paint, and to my mind, why... Continue Reading →

Post -war attitudes to painting

Research Post-war attitudes to Painting The 1930’s witnessed a number of influential European artists moved to New York, America, including Arshile Gorky, Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, Piet Mondrian, and Max Ernst and German teachers Joseph Albers and Hans Hofmann who spread new European ideas amongst the American art community.  They left behind the ruins of... Continue Reading →


Fig. 1 Oil with Wax Fig.2 Muti layers of Oil with wax Fig. 1 Burnt sienna oil paint with equal amounts of wax mixed and spread on to the oil paper with a brayer and then scraped the trees out with a credit card. Fig. 2 Wax was added to Burnt Sienna, Indian Yellow, Ultramarine... Continue Reading →

1b Contemporary Artists

As suggested in my course, I watched the video ‘What is Contemporary Art?” 2012, where Sheila McGregor, Chief Executive of Axis talks about art on the Axis website, pointing out what she considers ‘Contemporary Art’ is.  She says, it is very difficult to give a neat definition, because artistic practice has expanded and changes all... Continue Reading →

Wendy White interview

'Here is an example of a painter who deals with her contemporary environment. Consider the artist's approaches, materials and cultural/social themes. As you do so, think about the different kinds of context (architecture, structures, signs, space etc.) Look at how she plans, constructs and document her work. How clear are her motivations, processes, difficulties, hopes?... Continue Reading →

Assignment 1: Reflection following Tutor Report

Feedback based on Learning Outcomes. Deploy, with minimal guidance, accomplished technical and practical skills in painting.Select and combine appropriate methods and materials to carry complex ideas through into practice.Demonstrate a clear visual language with a high level of individuality and inventiveness.Produce an ambitious and focused body of work at an accomplished standardDemonstrate complex knowledge and... Continue Reading →

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