My studio space

I am very lucky to have a spacious dedicated studio area in an upstairs room of my Dorma bungalow. There are four Velux windows which provide daylight. Working in the evenings is not a problem as daylight lighting is installed. I have plenty of storage space for books, canvases, paper and art equipment as one wall is fitted with cupboards and opposite a large desk 72cms by 2.65 meters long with a cupboard and six drawers.  Temporary plastic sheeting has been fitted to the doors of the wardrobes to protect them.  The floor is covered with substantial plastic sheeting..  My desk holds a large computer screen and keyboard along with a printer. Underneath my desk is my tower PC and adequate knee space.  I have a two easels, camera equipment, a large notice board and a 6 foot fold down table.   I am looking forward to getting started on my projects.

I became frustrated with the amount of time spent waiting for uploads so decided a new faster computer was a necessary tool.  I have re-organised my storage space so that everything is much easier to find. I have plenty of equipment ~ brushes, palette knives, paint (watercolour, oils, acrylic, inks etc), pencils, crayons, pastels, paper, supports and administrative necessities. I also have close access to a toilet and washing facilities on the same level.

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