Reflecting on my previous work


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I am interested in reflections, the play of light, vibrant colour and unusual structural geometric compositions.

‘Reflections from the Kitchen’ was the garden furniture I could see through the glass patio doors of my home combined with the reflections of the internal furniture. 

‘Cap Greko Information Centre’ shows reflections in the plate glass on my left hand side, the glass facing me as I sat drawing and of me in the oblong pool of water.  It also shows the reflection of the entrance pathway drawn in perspective.

‘Kokkinoxorion Building’ I was intrigued by the structure and the reflections showing a mirror image of the surrounding buildings and coastline. 

‘The Mill Stream at Katepetria’ drawn while standing on a bridge and shows how light catches the trees, the water and creates the shadows.

‘Kitchen Sunbeams’ was inspired by Wilhelm Hammershoi.  There are reflections in the shiny black extractor fan over the hob, the pan and the kettle.  I captured how the sun streamed through the window creating shadows.  Perspective was also important. 

‘Acrylic painting of Tree Bark’ was a joy to paint because I am very fond of vibrant colours and enjoy detail.  

‘Conversation Tree’ pencil drawing, and ‘Quarry Park Fallen Tree’ in charcoal were executed in situ and illustrated my interest in detailed work.

‘Acrylic Swipe and Blow’ I was excited about the freshness of the vibrant colours and the composition.  I enjoyed the magical way different densities of paint reacted to chemicals and produced stunning results.  When I staged an Exhibition of  this type of my work in my garden it proved popular with the public and I sold six paintings.

‘Acrylic Paint Throwing with Shell Textures’ was an experimental work inspired by Frank Bowling.  I think this is worth exploring further.

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