First Draft Artist’s Statement

I am an artist because I love drawing, painting, and recording the world around me.  The media I work with is graphite, charcoal, pastel, water colour, acrylic and oil paint.  The chosen subject dictates the most appropriate type of media I choose.  

I am interested in nature and spend a lot of time walking my dog in the local woods.  I am always looking for unusual textures and patterns in trees, leaves, fungi, plants and flowers.  I use photography and sketching to record anything which attracts my attention.

I get excited about dramatic skies, cloud formations and how light catches the ripples on water, crashing waves in the sea and reflections in water and glass.  A theme I have used in my work is reflections in glass from windows in my home and other buildings.  Perspective and accurate drawing is important to me.  Artists who influence my work are JMW Turner, Andrew Wyeth and David Hockney.

I am currently researching communication in the tree and plant world.  The relationship trees have with each other through their root system and with the underground internet of fungi.

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