An Introduction to Studying in HE

I renewed my acquaintance with the Introduction to Studying in HE.  It is quite some time since I worked through it and it has served as a reminder.  I have picked up a few tips, which I had forgotten about and shall put them to good use.

On my Level 1 courses with the OCA I used a paper Learning Log but realized that for Assessments a typed record was required.  I began using a WordPress Learning Log for Level 2 courses using the classic template provided by the OCA.  

Level 3 Learning Log is and I will use this along with I my sketch books.   This has been part of my practice through my time with the OCA. 

I re-visited the section on ‘The Learning Cycle’ (Kolb) as part of examining my approach to learning. 

In the Doing Section:-

I am normally the one who initiates conversations.

I am flexible and open minded.

I am happy to have a go at new things.

I like to get involved and participate.  (But sometimes apprehensive).

I am outgoing but not loud.

In the Watching Section:-

I am thorough and methodical.

I investigate a new topic or process in-depth before trying it.

I make cautious and logical decisions.

I speak slowly, after thinking.

In the Thinking Section:-

I am rational and logical.

In the Feeling Section:-

I analyse reports to find the basic assumptions and inconsistencies.

I am good at picking up hints and techniques from other people.

I am practical and down to earth.

I like realistic but flexible plans.

I try things out by practicing to find out if it works.

I enjoy working with others.

Others would describe me as verbal, expressive and informal.

I use feelings to make decisions.

I am easy to know.

The conclusion I have come to is that I prefer doing and feeling so am in the organisng category. 

This is relevant to my personal COSMOS as it is important to know my strengths and weaknesses to improve. 

The section on reading will be particularly helpful as I tend to read everything rather than skim.  I need to re-read quite often to understand the subject, especially when it is more academic. 

The course is very thorough and I will refer to it regularly to reflect on my progress.

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