Reflecting on Progress on the Course Aims and Outcomes

In Part 1, I have concentrated on research, reading, setting up my learning log on WordPress, finding my way around the new OCA Learn site, getting folders and studio workspace organised. Unfortunately, I have not done as much painting and drawing as I would have liked.  This needs to be addressed. 

I have attended Library Webinars on Plagiarism, Editing and Proofreading, Essay writing, Planning an Essay, Using Writing Resources, Paraphrasing, Summarising, Synthesising, Time Management and Organisation, Referencing and Critical Thinking.  These Webinars are very useful resources which I can go back to on the Library site to refresh my memory at any time.

I am attending Level 3 Critique Meetings which help me understand how other students work and listen to different ideas and points of view.  Being in contact with fellow students has been a major improvement for me as I have previously just carried on alone.

My research into Contemporary Art and how artists work now, has opened up new ways of creating art.  I have two new books recommended by fellow students to read, Painting Now by Suzanne Hudson and The End of Art Theory by Victor Burgin.    

In this part of the course I feel that my knowledge and understanding of art, as it is now, has greatly improved.  I feel confident in the direction I am going for my Major Project, although I know that as I learn more, there will be changes along the way. 

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