Second Project Plan

As part of my research, I have read a book by Peter Wohlleben ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ which is about what they feel, how they communicate by using the secret world underground created by their roots and with the help of fungi. They also create toxic chemicals to keep predators at bay.

Sandal Beat woods is well established and takes natures natural course with dead trees allowed to rot and create habitat for insects.  Fungi grows on the rotting trees and logs fall into the long channels of water.  The trails include bridges to cross over the water creating interesting shapes and reflections. 

Quarry Park was developed from a sand quarry. It has open areas of parkland and pathways through the newly created woodland, where the vista changes through the seasons.

Hatfield Moors is part of the Humberhead Peatlands, a large ancient wetland which is undergoing restoration to manage the water levels.  Reflections in the still water of the lake and water along the sides of the trails are quite beautiful with lots of interesting, twisted tree shapes, squirrels and birdlife.

I intend to continue experimenting with different paint materials and continue to use a representational style with the aim of moving to a more abstracted method of painting. I intend to incorporate some elements of the fluid painting I explored during Concepts in Practice at Level 2 and the methods used by Gerhard Richter and Frank Bowling.  My focus will be on woodland areas, landscapes, trees, fungi, reflections in water.

Provisional Plan for handing in Assignments to be discussed with my Tutors

Ass 1Ass 2Ass 3Ass 4Ass 5

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