Assignment 1: Reflection following Tutor Report

Feedback based on Learning Outcomes. Deploy, with minimal guidance, accomplished technical and practical skills in painting.Select and combine appropriate methods and materials to carry complex ideas through into practice.Demonstrate a clear visual language with a high level of individuality and inventiveness.Produce an ambitious and focused body of work at an accomplished standardDemonstrate complex knowledge and... Continue Reading →

Initial Project Plan

As part of my research, I have read a book by Peter Wohlleben ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ which is about what they feel, how they communicate by using the secret world underground created by their roots and with the help of fungi. They also create toxic chemicals to keep predators at bay. The areas... Continue Reading →

First Draft Artist’s Statement

I am an artist because I love drawing, painting, and recording the world around me.  The media I work with is graphite, charcoal, pastel, water colour, acrylic and oil paint.  The chosen subject dictates the most appropriate type of media I choose.   I am interested in nature and spend a lot of time walking... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on my previous work

   Reflections from the KitchenReflections in the Kokkinoxorion BuildingCap Grekko Information Centre - ReflectionsLarge Version of Kokkinoxorion BuildingThe Mill Stream at Katapetria Kitchen sunbeamsAcrylic painting of Tree Bark in Cusworth Park View Post Conversation Tree Quarry Park Fallen Tree Acrylic swipe and blow Acrylic Paint Throwing with Shell Texture 96 x 81 cms I am... Continue Reading →

My studio space

I am very lucky to have a spacious dedicated studio area in an upstairs room of my Dorma bungalow. There are four Velux windows which provide daylight. Working in the evenings is not a problem as daylight lighting is installed. I have plenty of storage space for books, canvases, paper and art equipment as one... Continue Reading →

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