1b Contemporary Artists

As suggested in my course, I watched the video ‘What is Contemporary Art?” 2012, where Sheila McGregor, Chief Executive of Axis talks about art on the Axis website, pointing out what she considers ‘Contemporary Art’ is.  She says, it is very difficult to give a neat definition, because artistic practice has expanded and changes all... Continue Reading →

Wendy White interview

'Here is an example of a painter who deals with her contemporary environment. Consider the artist's approaches, materials and cultural/social themes. As you do so, think about the different kinds of context (architecture, structures, signs, space etc.) Look at how she plans, constructs and document her work. How clear are her motivations, processes, difficulties, hopes?... Continue Reading →

1a Exhibition Review

Mushrooms:  The Art, Design and Future of Fungi opened on 16th July 2020 at Somerset House, London.   This exhibition explores how “Innovative designers experiment with the sustainable material of mushrooms in fashion, homewares and architecture” and makes the subject matter more prescient, as lockdown has restricted us to our own four walls. The exhibition, curated... Continue Reading →

Dexter Dalwood Interview

Dexter Dalwood talking about his work from 1997- 2017 at his show at the Tate in St Ives, Cornwall, gives a fascinating account of his thoughts and ideas on how and why he makes paintings.  He wondered why a lot of artists were not making work about subjects that interested them.  Song writers, groups, musicians... Continue Reading →

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